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There are approximately 741 laws in Missouri which regulate how sheriffs do their job and outline the responsibilities we have. A comparison is the Highway Patrol only has approximately 377 laws, Liquor Control has 231, Conservation Agents have 111, Fire Marshalls have 73, Capitol Police have 17, and Missouri Drivers Examiners only have 13.

The Command Staff or Chain of Command for the Oregon County Sheriff’s Office is broken down into sections such as Road Patrol, Communications Division, Bailiff & Court Security/Detention Division, and many other daily activities.

Sheriff Eric King
The Sheriff actively oversees the daily operations of all areas, handles all employee issues and any complaints or internal investigation, carries out budget and expenditure duties, assigns activities, investigates crime, responds to calls for service, serves civil process, assists in jail duty and daily inmate activities and disciplinary matters, oversees grant funding and reporting, coordinates with other agencies and jurisdictions, works with the County Commissioners, and reports to the Judges in the 37th Judicial Circuit.
Nearly every sheriff’s office has a Chief Deputy or Under Sheriff. In our organization, the Chief Deputy position is second in command of the organization. The Chief Deputy position is vacant at this time. The Chief Deputy reports only to the sheriff, he manages and conducts criminal investigations, assists the Jail Administrator, coordinates many areas of in-house training, works with the prosecuting attorney on criminal matters, and oversees our patrol fleet in being responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

Patrol Officers are responsible for answering and handling all complaint calls and calls for service or assistance from members of the public. They are responsible for patrolling a county of 792 square miles. They patrol all county roads and provide a visible presence as a proactive measure to help deter crime. Officers respond to calls received by the sheriff's office. All calls for service are responded to by priority of the call. Response time will vary depending on where our officer responds from and how many calls are pending at that time.  Calls for service include: complaints, domestics, assaults, thefts, burglaries, alarms, accidents, motorist assists.  Along with calls for service all officers are responsible for serving civil process and warrants.  Many Calls for Service require written reports and investigation. When the investigation is concluded it is  forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for the filing of formal charges. Road Patrol positions are held by Shannon "Greg" Gregory, James Martin, and Austin Combs. These Officers are also responsible for carrying out assignments from the Sheriff, or Chief Deputy.

Deputy James Martin
Deputy James Martin 

combs (2).jpg
Deputy Austin Combs

Deputy Shannon "Greg" Gregory


The Jail Administrator position is held by Daniel Waltz at this time. This position oversees the daily operations of the Oregon County Jail and the detention staff. The Jail Administrator is responsible for the basic training of detention officers, making certain all detainees are properly cared for with their daily need/medical care/dental care/and protection. The Jail Administrator is required to be very pro-active with the detainees, assists the sheriff with detainee disciplinary matters, maintains adequate food and medical supplies, and handles scheduling for detention.

Our Office Manager is Stephen Cook. Stephen is the custodian of all records, maintains all personnel files, is responsible for making certain every report is complete and given to the correct agency or prosecutor, coordinates the thousands of papers/bills/invoices/time sheets and other paper work is sent to the correct locations in the courthouse or other agency, certifies all inmate time and paperwork for other agencies and the Department of Corrections, occasionally handles dispatcher duties, and is well versed with every aspect/requirement/duty of the entire sheriff’s office.





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