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The Oregon County Jail is housed within the sheriff's office in the Oregon County Courthouse, Alton, Missouri. 

The Oregon County Jail is an 8-bed facility. We have a total of 3 cell areas, 1 of which is generally used to house female detainees. We have 1 isolation cell, which is for high risk detainees who need additional supervision.

In addition to Oregon County inmates, we also hold detainees for the City of Alton. On occasion we will have a prisoner from another county awaiting extradition, transfer, change of venue on court case, or an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

The jail is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our jail staff is always on the move in making certain all our duties and obligations are carried out.

Many people comment that a county detention officer is much the same job as working for the Department of Corrections (DOC). This is only true in the sense of keeping other people in custody. A DOC employee may be assigned a specific duty such as working kitchen duty, monitoring a housing unit, or staffing the control center. Our staff covers everything from intake, medical questions, assess risk and custody levels, monitor food preparation and service, monitor all inmate activities, dispense medications, follow Court orders on specific issues for detainees from no contact lists to mandatory urine testing, serve warrants, monitor suicidal persons, administer first aide, and handle visitation from attorneys, preachers, counselors, and family/friends. It is fair to say the duties of staff in the Oregon County Jail are extremely demanding.

We are often asked what kind of people we keep in the county jail. The answer is all kinds. We see good people who made a bad choice and do their time here while being cooperative and respectful and who will never return to custody to the type of person who should be warehoused for life. We hold people charged with mere speeding violations to murder. Nearly each day some or all of our staff will hear comments from detainee(s) about how they are going to either sue them, physically harm them or their family, yells obscenities, or makes outright profane and vulgar comments. Less frequently but at any time certain detainee's will take action toward assaulting another detainee or staff members, attempt suicide, attempt to clog the sewer system, attempt to flood the cell area, destroy jail property, or even throw food, fecal matter, or body fluids. We address such acts with strict disciplinary action and criminal charges whenever possible.

 Oregon County Jail detainee(s) may receive commissary items through Tiger commissary.



Phone service in the Oregon County Jail is provided by CITYTELECOIN.  To sign up for service either visit or call 1-800-682-0707.

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