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National Public Telecommunicators Week

Date Posted: 04/17/2024

For the dispatchers who have helped me in my career and continue to help others... THANK YOU
To the world, you may be only a voice on the phone, but to your caller, you are a HERO!!! Dispatchers save lives every day. You are the backbone of public safety. You lead people through life's most difficult moments. You are the angels on the other end of the phone.

"Just" a dispatcher poster saying I just talked you into putting the gun down and trying one more day, heard you take your last break, knowing help was too far out, guided backup to your location when your radio malfunctioned, stayed on the phone with you while you hid in the closet waiting, heard your screams in my head, 4 years later as I tried to sleep. So when you call me just a dispatcher, yes I am! National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week April 14-20, 2024 Thank you poster reading: You are the unseen Heroes of Public Safety! You are always heard but rarely seen. You are the heroes behind the scenes. The calm voice in the dark. You are the lifeline for our community and responders. Your role in public safety is needed and very much appreciated. Thank you for your service and commitment. We could not do what we do without you!

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