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2014 Update

Date: 02/06/2014

As we began the 2014 year we have experienced some severe inclement weather which continues to hang on with excessive cold temperatures. During these times we need to make sure we are prepared for heating, eating, and overall well being. I ask that you watch the weather forecasts and prepare accordingly. Another concern is checking on our elderly family, friends, and neighbors to ensure their well being.. You may also contact the Sheriff's Office if you cannot check on them and we will do a well being check.  I also ask that we consider our animals during these extreme low temperatures to ensure they are properly cared for with food, water, and warm shelter from the elements.

   I would like to inform the Citizens that as of March 1,2014 new concealed carry weapon permits will increase from $75.00 to $100.00. Renewal fees will remain at $50.00 as in the past. Conceal carry permits are now good for 5 years in lieu of three years as it has been in the past  which was effective August 1, 2013. I recommend all citizens who qualify for a concealed carry permit should apply for one. Also the Concealed Carry ID card's are now done in the Sheriff's Office and you no longer have to go to the Department of Revenue.

   As your Sheriff I want to thank you great Citizens again for passing the Law Enforcement tax in our wonderful county. Most of you know we do not have enough Deputies to cover the county 24 hours a day. For the past 5 years as your Sheriff  I have explained this to our County Commissioners and the response is always, "We do not have the funding for it" , however with the Law Enforcement tax they would be able to assist us with 2 Deputy positions to help with investigations, road coverage, and relief for sick, annual, and compensation relief.  I ask that you the Citizens whom we as elected Officials work for to encourage your Oregon County Commissioners to fund this for the Sheriff's Office. In order to accomplish this for us to better protect and serve the county your support for this is necessary and appreciated.

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