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MO Sheriff's Training Conference 2013

Date: 08/19/2013

I just returned from the Missouri Sheriffs' Training Conference in Springfield, Missouri. As well as the training required by the state for all police officers, Missouri Sheriffs are required by statute to complete an additional 20 hours of training per year that is specific to the office of Sheriff. 

Every year there have been changes in the laws that affect the way we will have to do business as Sheriffs in Missouri. One of the main topics this year was Concealed Carry.  The law changed in that the Department of Revenue (DOR) will no longer issue the physical concealed carry card; the Sheriff's Office will.  There are several problems with this change.  First, the new law states that as of August 28th DOR will no longer be allowed to issue CCW cards. The law also states that the Sheriff shall issue the cards to applicants on January 1st of next year. The burning question is, "What do we do in the meantime?" The Sheriffs' Association got with the powers that be and it was decided that Sheriffs' Offices "may issue" cards until January 1 and "shall issue" cards after January 1.  We will do our best to have something in place to issue CCW cards between August 29th and January 1st.  The Sheriffs' Association has a PDF format card for us that meets the state requirements that we can print off and laminate. As soon as possible we will be issued machines that will print the hard copy cards. It wouldn't be too big a deal, except the machines have to be networked with a server and MULES (Missouri Uniformed Law Enforcement System) which will take time. We appreciate your patience during this change over period.

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